Memorial Services

In addition to offering traditional services to families in our community, we also offer less-traditional memorial services. Growing in popularity over the past few decades, memorials serve the same purpose that traditional ceremonies do but tend to be a little more personalized. Below, you will learn the answer to the commonly-asked question, “What is a memorial service?” and you will be provided with a few great memorial service ideas for your family. 

What is a Memorial Service? 
Memorial services are, in most cases, a perfect hybrid between the funeral service and the celebration of life. While still following similar structure to a funeral service, the memorial does not need to take place in the presence of a casket. Therefore, many people who choose cremation tend to pair their cremation services with a memorial service.  

The ceremonial portion of memorial services often take place in a funeral home’s chapel but may also be held in another location that is important to the family of the deceased. 

Memorial Service Ideas 
While mourning the death of a loved one, it may be difficult to find the energy to get creative and come up with great ideas for memorial services. Below are a few memorial service ideas to help you get started. 

Collect Donations for a Charity in Their Honor
The memorial service is the perfect place to do something good in your loved one’s name. Consider having a collection box present at the service or reception for attendees to fill with donations in your loved one’s honor. 

Establish a Specific Dress Code

Attendees can honor the deceased individual by wearing articles of clothing sporting their favorite team’s logo. 

Play Their Favorite Music

Incorporating your loved one’s favorite songs in their ceremony is a unique way to pay your respects. 

Need Help with Memorial Service Planning? Turn to Us. 

Our caring and compassionate staff would be happy to help you plan the perfect memorial for your loved one. Please feel free to contact us to get started.